I’m not sure what to call this picture or where it comes from.  The last couple of weeks, I feel like I have turned as bitter and disheartened about most everything in my life.  I try so hard to be such a happy little lady, but reality always likes to throw punches.  And man, I do not know how much more I can take of silence and lack of interest in certain areas in my life…
I’m a lousy friend.  I never call anyone anymore.  I hardly text.  I just concentrate so much on school and my daughter, I sometimes forget that there are other aspects to myself I need to keep fresh and exciting.

I’m glad the warmer weather is hitting the mountains… or else I think I would involuntarily turn into some sort of shut in…
That is all for now.

Testing to see why the internet HAS TO WATCH THE WORLD BURN AND KILL THE COLORS.
Internet, stahp.

Fredrick the fish is not mine.  He belongs to my handsome… and needed to be featured in this piece.
Minecraft is not mine, either.  No matter how much I play it.
But Handsome is mine.  *nods*

You come to that realization that, “yes, these were the droids you were looking for…”
Quick sketch before I drown in homework… Because who doesn’t play Lego Star Wars before writing an essay?

P.S.  My daughter just took a bag of cheerios and shook them violently.  GUESS WHOS CLEANIN THAT UP?!  

She is.


I mean Happy Valentine’s Day.  c.c

I’m playing around with styles and stuff.  And coloring.  I’m not sure, I kind of like it.  I will be doing more full body stuff here soon.

But,  yes.  I am drawing.  Just finding the lack of time to actually do stuff, you know?  People say that online colleges are just degree mills, but I disagree.  It is quite the learning and challenging experience.

Anyway, G’DDAY SIRS.  And Ma’dams. 

Playing catch up on the unfinished art folder.  It’s starting to look like my college folder… And that’s just plain sad.


So, a bus hit me.

BRB, Bed.

Oldies, but goodies PT2.


Oldies, but goodies!

Working on a few projects today.  I need to.  I have a lot of them unfinished.  One of them is really important, one of them is hilarious.  

Bria came over to me, doing this exact pose.  I love when she sticks her belly out, puts her head down and just flies through the house.  So, I had to draw it.
I’m also going to be posting a lot of my old work here.  I don’t know how much longer I want to stay on DeviantART or if I want to just drop my gallery and start anew.  We’ll see.  But, watch this space!